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Monday, July 30, 2012

Altoids Gift Tins

My older daughter has been living and working in Korea for over a year now, and soon my husband and I will travel there to see her. A couple of her Korean co-workers have been so wonderful to her, and I wanted to bring them each a little gift. We like to travel light, so the gifts had to be small and easy to pack. I asked my daughter for hints as to what they might like as far as colors and themes, and decorated an Altoids tin for each of them.

One of her co-workers loves children's literature, and works as an English translator, so the tin with the kids and the alphabet around it is for her. Another really loves teal, so the butterfly tin is hers. The third tin is for the parents of one of her friends, who I hear is going to invite us over for a traditional Korean meal. Mmmm! Since I don't know them, I just went with sort of neutral papers I like.

When I get there, I'm going to put some delicious Dove chocolates in each tin before I give them. Look how perfectly they fit inside!

I hope I can find some great ephemera in Korea to use in future projects!


  1. They're beautiful! A reader from Spain,

  2. The tins are beautiful and will make a wonderful gift, especially with delicious Dove candies inside.

    How exciting that you get to take a trip to Korea.

  3. beautiful. I bet they will all 3 love them

  4. I LOVE these! Would you consider doing a tutorial? How to get those edges so perfect...?


  5. I posted a tutorial for covering tins here:


  6. Replies
    1. I don't currently have any in my Etsy shop, but I may be adding some in the future.

  7. Just discovered you today whilst searching for how to alter my altoids tins. Your detailed tutorial, linked above, is perfect. Thank you.
    I'm curious after reading this post, how the visit to Korea went and how the beautiful gifts were received?
    {{Hugs}} Mo

    1. Thanks for your nice comment, TwinkleToes2day! Our trip to Korea was fabulous, and everyone seemed to love the tins. :)

  8. So did you find things in Korea to use?

  9. Great idea! I also love the chocolate idea. Hadn't thought of that.


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