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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Happy (crazy) New Year

I had a bit of a whirlwind holiday this year, with tons of company,  and some unexpected travel. When designing this Arched Tent Card Frame, I felt compelled to make it a little nuts. The outside is normal enough. Nothing odd here.

Construction hint: to make the buttons work as a closure, I first put a dot of white glue where I wanted each button to be, and let it dry. Once that raised surface had hardened, I attached the buttons with hot glue. Now they're raised up enough to wrap the string around them comfortably.

Open it up, and you find the portrait of a young girl.

I loved the look on this young girls face: she seemed a bit daft. So I gifted her with some interesting eyeglasses and popped a giant flower on her head, which evidently attracted a large butterfly. She's holding a lovely bouquet of Her sky is filled with floating pies. Mmmm. After all, being crazy is part of her charm.

The outside has one of my favorite collage sheet images of a man holding a couple of fish. So this is where she got that interesting bouquet! I set her gentleman caller in a bed of giant flowers. He's such a romantic.
I enjoyed making this goofy little project. For a list of supplies, click here.
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