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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thieves Market

I was driving around in nowhereville, SC, with my two daughters, when we passed a large building with the intriguing name "Thieves Market" on it.  The outside was surrounded with equal parts treasure and junk. Even though we were running a little late to our destination, we found it impossible to resist. We did a quick U-turn and went back to check it out.

That place was chock full to the brim with all sorts of interesting items; I found several old yellowed dictionaries and other old books. My favorite find, though, was a shelf of giant Ziploc bags filled with old wooden toys. I bought three bags, and now I can't wait to see how they will find themselves in new assemblages.

Here are a few of my favorite goodies. This is just a small portion of the total haul.

I'm definitely glad we stopped.


  1. I'm jealous! Those look fantastic, especially that little wooden doll.

  2. I think it is a good thing that we live so far apart because if we were ever to meet we would get into some terrible trouble at stores like these! ;)

  3. Oh look at all the treasures!!


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