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Friday, September 16, 2011

Nevermore! Edgar Allan Poe's New Friend

 Here's the second raven. I made him a nice party hat, but he convinced me that he was too dignified to wear it, so he's arriving to the party "as is". He's perched on a block with great vintage images (from Alpha Stamps, of course!) I painted the block he's sitting on and the little wooden feet black, and then misted them with some copper colored glimmer mist to give them some shine.

Aaaand, his back:

That's enough ravens for one season! Tomorrow, it's back to elephants. I have a custom order for a little girl's birthday, in great colors: cream, red, and turquoise. It's going to be fun to paint.


  1. Super work! I made something very much like it last year, including the key hanging from its beak. Great minds think alike!

  2. love it! Poe inspired indeed! Like the key hanging from his mouth!


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