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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Come To The Big Top!

Now that Halloween is over, and before I jump too far into Christmas, I decided to do a few more circus tins for Etsy. There was a run on them last week! Here are the first two I did (both already sold). Although the tin on the right looks a bit distorted, it's fine. I caught a funny angle when I took the picture. 
I just placed an order for more clown heads. I know they creep a lot of people out, but I just love them.

Here's a circus wagon. I really love the way the wooden frame looks just like the edges of a vintage circus wagon. I painted it to match the striped paper on the sides and back, and then added some wooden spool wheels and some vintage circus images (all supplies from Alpha Stamps).

A little bit of the side:

I'd like to make a series of these wagons some day. Wouldn't a string of several of them look great together?

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