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Monday, December 3, 2012

Gift Card Holders For Alpha Stamps with Tutorial

It's the 3rd Day of Christmas at Alpha Stamps' 12 Day of Christmas event! Welcome!

Here's my take on day three: three kids a'gifting! Above is a holiday ATC, and below are the projects I did for the day: a gift tin with a sleeve, and a little elf on a spool. The tin is the perfect size to hold a gift card or a small present; the elf can also serve as a gift card holder, a place card, or a Christmas countdown. Here's the sleeved tin. 

And the elf on the spool, holding a gift card.


Supplies can be found here

Step One: Using Copic markers, color images from the Little Darlings collage sheet. Add red rhinestones and paper hats made of scrapbook paper. Trim hats with contrasting paper, rick rack, or ribbon. Glue onto contrasting scrapbook paper, and cut out.

Step Two: Cover a blank tin with scrapbook paper. Click here for a tutorial on how to cover a tin.

Then, make a template for a sleeve that will fit over the covered tin. Once you are comfortable with the size and fit of your template, use the measurements to create a sleeve using a thin piece of shirt cardboard covered with scrapbook paper. Using a bone folder, score the folds.
Step Three: Wrap the sleeve around the bottom of the tin. To make the feet, glue bead caps into place on the bottom of the tin with E6000 glue.
Step Four:  Glue bottle brush tree to the cardboard sleeve. Wrap miniature Christmas bulbs around the tree and glue into place with hot glue. Glue a little cotton around the base of the tree, and place a couple of tiny wrapped gifts where the children will stand.
Step Five: Glue the two children in place, attaching the backs of their legs to a package. Fill in the rest of the base with more tiny gifts. Glue some sequin stars to the tree, and put one in the hand of one of the children. Put the end of the string of lights into the hands of the other child. 

Here's the tin with the sleeve removed, and a gift card enclosed. This image from the Silly Santas Collage sheet fits perfectly on the lid of the tin!

Spool Place Holder/Gift Card Holder

Wrap various ribbons around a wooden spool. Stack gifts and glue figure onto the top of the spool. Make a flag using a bamboo skewer, a bead, and some fibers, and glue onto the back. For placeholders, stamp a name onto a tiny address label, and have the figure hold it.

Here's the elf holding a little countdown to Christmas card, made using the black chalkstock ATCs. You can use a piece of chalk to change the date every day. Only 22 days to go!
Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you enjoy the 12 Days of Christmas.


  1. You make THE CUTEST things. Gah! I love them!

  2. Love love love the Christmas countdown spool! Although now I am stressed...really only 22 days left!

    Great pieces and tutorial

  3. Oh my! This just couldn't get any cuter!

  4. Brilliant pieces, thank you for sharing the tutorial!

  5. Oh my gosh...I love altering tins. Yours is so cute! And the sleeve...genius. The wee elf on the spool is just as cute.

  6. What a darling scene! The sleeve around the tin is oh, so clever. I love how you've added the lights and such to the children's hands - so realistic.

  7. so cute!!
    wonderful tutorial!
    thanks so much!!!
    **love it**


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