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Monday, November 26, 2012

Reindeer Ornament With Vintage Parts

Wow, long time no post, but I've been working on Christmas stuff and can finally post a little bit of what I've been working on. I've made some fun stuff for Alpha Stamps that I'll be able to post on December 3rd, but until then, here's what I'm working on now. 

I'm always looking for a nice placecard holder/ornament for our family Christmas eve dinner. This year I was very excited to find a little basket of vintage candle clips at a local antique mall. These are the things that Christmas tree fires are made of! I don't want to be burning down my house, but I love the shape and patina of these clips.

Here's what I decided to do with them: I gently bent down all but one of the prongs intended to hold the candle, and attached a large metal snowflake that I embellished with some rhinestones. I then took some white garland I found at Ikea and wound it around the cup of the base. I gave a little plastic deer a quick spray with glitter mist, hung a jingle bell around his neck, and then glued him into place with some E6000.

For the table, I'll use the clip to hold everyone's name card, and then everyone can take the ornament home to use on their tree next year. This particular ornament was my prototype, and went to a swap partner in a Craftster swap. I'll be whipping up the rest as soon as my order of tiny deer comes in the mail.


  1. This is just way to cute!! May I ask where you purchased the snowflakes?? Your Star book on the next page is totally AWESOME!!!! Smiles, Kay

    1. Thanks, Kay. Those snowflakes came from Alpha Stamps. Here's a direct link to them:

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