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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Summer Memory Mini Book

What's new this month at Alpha Stamps? Vintage albums with a beachy vibe! Here's a little souvenir album I created with all the fun new products. Hopefully it brings to mind someone's long ago summer fun memories.

The cover. The book is such a fatty that it needs clips to keep it closed. Thank goodness washi tape can make a plain black clip a little more fun! Can you believe that cover is from a collage sheet image, just glued to shirt cardboard? It looks like real leather!

All the inside pages of the album are made from 7Gypsies scrapbook papers. All splayed open:

I used a combination of collage sheets, vintage photos from my collection, fun little envelopes, and rubdown numbers. Here are the rest of the pages. I won't bother you with too much chatter about each one. I'll let most of them speak for themselves.

Tag removed:

A great old photo of two couples on vacation, and some tickets.

I love using the glassine envelopes. Hole reinforcements make a great grabby spot for some baker's twine so you can pull the tags out.

One more picture of the couples, Gus, Irene, Maddie, and Al. Those are their real names, they're written on the back of the photo.

This photo is from a collage sheet. The paperclips have washi tape flags on them.

Last page.

Wanna make a fun memory book like this one? For a list of where to find most of the supplies, click here.


  1. That's so small and delicate! Looks like it was a lot of fun to make too!

  2. This is really cute love what you have done with this little album!


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