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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Margaret Hogs the Stage

That Margaret! She's sure she's destined for stardom, but that danged trio act is holding her back. Not tonight, though; she's added a little extra flair to her costume, and made sure she was performing front and center. Nobody will overlook her this time!

Margaret and her friends are from the Alpha Stamp's Little Darlings CS. I tinted their skin and clothing with Copic markers before adding ribbons to all the waistlines and some tulle to Margaret's dress.

Where is Margaret dancing? On this lovely Arch Top Cabinet with Doors, also from Alpha Stamps.

This shrine kit looks pretty with the doors closed,

But it really comes to life when the doors are opened! I put Narrow Window panes on the inside of the door, because I'll most likely leave these doors open, but they'd look great on the outside, too. Perfect fit!

I really like the way the stark black and white striped paper contrasts with the soft pastels. I mitered the corners on the insides of the doors for a fun look. 

From the side you can see how determined Margaret is to stand out during this performance. She's such a ham.
For a complete list of supplies I used in making this project, click here.

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