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Monday, August 1, 2016

Circus Inchies in Handpainted Frame

New art for the family room!

I found myself at odds recently because I'm in between projects. My studio did get tidied up a bit, but that was no fun. I needed a tiny project. Inchies to the rescue! I had a colorful background made from red and pink tissue paper that I made months (years?) ago, so I cut it into inchie squares and set to work. In the interest of having this be a simple project, I dug up some circus stickers I had that were just the perfect size for tiny art. The next thing I knew, I had a set of 16 inchies. I went back to them several times, adding ink and paint. The once simple project became a bit of an obsession. Once they were done, I liked them so much I decided to mount them. I looked through my paper stash and found the perfect paper for the background. I took this picture so I could remember the order the inchies were in, but that second paper sticking behind convinced me I needed a border, so I chose a nice bright red to go behind the turquoise.

Luckily for me, I had a frame I had purchased at Ikea a while back. The mat was cut to the perfect size for those 16 inchies. The frame was a nice light plain wood, but since we're talking circus, I painted it white with red stripes and then sanded it down a bit to distress it. I used several tiny star sequins in the inchies, so I glued a little silver star on each white stripe as well. Plain frame on the left; painted on the right.

Here's was the first look I had of the framed inchies. I like it, but somehow it needed more. After all, the circus is about excess! (Cell phone photo = not the best quality.)

I took it back to the craft room and looked around for some Dresden trim. I love this light turquoise I found. Matching up the corners nicely took some doing, but I think the trim looks great. Each corner also got a little star. Done! 

Here's the art in its new home. My parents made this plant stand for me for Christmas years ago. Now she finally has something to look at!


  1. Looks perfect in its spot-on you should've made it years ago!

  2. all the elements go together so well, thanks for the inspiration!


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