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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Random Act of Kindness: Inspirational Bookmarks

We just celebrated my mom's 80th birthday. In lieu of gifts, she requested that each of us do a Random Act of Kindness in her honor and then send her a card telling her what we did. We sent out letters to all her friends, and she got more than 200 cards back with all sorts of wonderful RAKs! It was a very happy birthday for her.

I decided for my RAK that I would make some inspirational bookmarks and leave them in library books for people to find. I took a piece of thin cardboard, and using paints, stamps, tissue paper, glaze, and pages from old books, created one big sheet, which was then cut down to bookmark size. The inspiration came from my ever-growing collection of fortune cookies. I placed the bookmarks in books where I felt the inspiration fit. For example, the bookmark that said, "When one door closes, another one will open" went into a book for women defining their dreams at the prime of their life. "You are loved" went into a book for Caregivers, and "This is your day to call the shots" was placed in a book about dealing with bullies. I included a note on the back of each bookmark telling why I made the bookmarks, and encouraged the recipient to go do a RAK of their own. Hopefully, Mom's idea will continue to generate kindness for quite some time.

Some of the bookmarks:

This one, which says, "You will bring sunshine into someone's life", I included in with the birthday card I sent to Mom.  I think she deserved it.


  1. This is an amazingly cool idea!! Do you mind if someday I use it too? The library is a genius idea, you don't have to walk around all over the place. Or when someone donates a pile of books to a library book sale, you can enclose them in those books. Now to find the time to make the bookmarks ;) Happy Birthday to Mama!!

    1. Do it! It was easy and fun. I checked back in with the library yesterday, and found two of the bookmarks still there. If they're still there next time I go, I may move them to different books. Hopefully the people that already found one liked it!

  2. What a beautiful and thoughtful idea and act. Happy Birthday and a Big Hug to your Mom....

  3. What a wonderful birthday suggestion from Mom and what a wonderful thoughtful set of bookmarks you left! this is what the world needs now- more of this love sweet love!
    RAKindness is so much nicer than a 8 dollar Hallmark card.
    Thanks so much for sharing-you made my day!
    Jackie ")


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