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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Crown Me!

Sometimes, you just need a crown to brighten up your day. I just got a lovely package of goodies from Alpha Stamps, perfect for making a sparkly gold crown. One of the items, a fancy gold Dresden Diadem, was the perfect size and shape for a crown base. All I had to do to make it regal was to add the bling! Gold on gold on gold, and lots of jewels; I feel like the queen of everything.

I attached ribbons to the back and sandwiched the stick pins and large stars in behind some pretty scrapbook paper. Brads on each side to help secure the ribbons.

This was such an easy and fun project, and it looks great on.

Here's the work in progress. I just moved things around until I liked where they landed.

One more photo of the queen.
Hope you like it, Your Majesty. For a complete list of supplies, click here!

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