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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Billy and Tess at the Circus

Alpha Stamps came out with another great collage sheets containing vintage images of kids. I saw these two children standing together and decided to send them to the circus. Once they were there, they chose to dress like clowns. Billy and Tess: who knew?

I was happy I had an old sardine tin ready to use, because putting the hats on the kids made them too tall for an Altoids tin.
The sardine tin is a bit of an odd shape, and had a little metal lip around the opening. I gave that a scattering of gold glitter, then glued on some red and white baker's twine and surrounded it all with black pom poms. The image of the kids was colored with Copic markers. I added the polka dots to Tess' shirt and the stripes to her leggings with the marker. I also gave them some skin tone, but not on their faces because I wanted them to look like they had some white makeup on. Billy's hair was done with colored pencils before I cut the image out, and their flag was cut out from scrapbook paper.

The top medallion is fan-folded scrapbook paper, with Alphabet Baby Beads. I colored those beads with the Copics, too, because they were just too white to go with the rest of the tin. Because of the pom pom border, the tin wouldn't stand alone. I glued a thin wooden block onto the base for stability.
Have fun at the circus, kids!


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