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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Flashback: Chunky Houses

Thanks to Photobucket's new fees, I'm retrieving my old photos from there and posting them here. Here are a set of chunky houses I made a few years ago. I really enjoyed putting these together, using a number stamp, and finding interesting objects to serve as chimneys. My photography skills needed work, though; this photo is terribly out of focus! It actually looks better at this smaller size.

Here are individual shots of the houses, though. Thankfully, they're a little clearer. A clown and his true love:

A skeletal newsboy:

A reluctant janitor:

And a secretive clown:


  1. I love these chunky houses. So much to see on each one, like miniature museums.

  2. Well thank you photobucket! :-). These are great.


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