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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Owl Matchbox

I just participated in another Craftster swap, this one for decorated matchboxes. My partner said she liked "green, nature, and owls". Well, those go well together! I took apart the outer sleeve of the box, and glued the drawer part down so it's all one piece. I covered the outer part with some pretty green paper, and added a snap closure on the side. The little house from part of a laser cut wooden shrine kit, covered in a French newspaper, and inked to give it a golden tone. The little rays behind the house are Poplar tree seeds, which I love using in my art. They also make great fairy wings.

Here's the box open, with the contents. I carved a tiny owl stamp, made a pendant from a Scrabble game tile, and included some old stamps, a bird charm, and a few silver beads.
Once I added the snaps, I noticed that the box would not close properly because it wasn't sturdy enough on that side. So I added a little tree branch to help stabilize it. I couldn't help but add a little owl head peaking around the tree.
I have several more matchboxes, so I might have to make something for me today.


  1. Oh great! Another talent I'm gonna wish I had! ;) I adore it - just something about little boxes thst suck me right in. Brilliant remedy for the week side too!!

  2. So lovely! I like that you used nature bits for it!

    I have tagged you, if you feel like playing along!

  3. I love that cheecky owl, a really georgous little matchbox.


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