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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Little Christmas Kitsch

I know Christmas is months away, but I've been working on a couple of projects for my daughters, and while I had out all my Christmas colors and trinkets, thought I'd make a quick tin. I think this one is a bit over the top in kitsch factor. Nothing says "Christmas" like lights and glittery bows, and holly and wrapped presents. And Santa!
I like putting a little surprise image on the backs of all my tins. This one has a bit of "The Night Before Christmas" on it.
Sometimes it's hard to work Christmas in May, but it helps that it's been so unseasonably cold here. Not that I'm complaining; I'm never fully ready for the muggy heat of summer.


  1. You really make the rest of us look lazy.

  2. Hey - I'm up for some Christmas anytime of year (I'm famous for having a "White Christmas" night round about July.) I especially love the story page on the back and the present "foot" - fun!


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