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Monday, July 2, 2012

Pocket Affirmation: Altered Tin

I just got back from a wonderful weekend with some other members of Craftster. We had so much fun shopping for mixed media supplies at antique malls and crafting! We may have slipped in a little time to share some Cosmos and wine as well.

One fun thing we did was a Yankee swap, where we all brought a little craft and swapped them out. Everyone was so happy with what they got that there was no stealing! Here's what I made to give away: a small "Pocket Affirmation" tin.

 Here's the front and the side. This is not a standard Altoids tin; it's a smaller tin that I picked up at a coffee shop.

I had this great image from an Alpha Stamps collage sheet, and felt that this gentleman would be the perfect guy to say everything one would need to hear.

The pocket envelope on the left holds a card that has different sayings on it, so you can make him say whatever you need to hear. I left one of the balloons on the other side blank so that the recipient could write in whatever she personally needs to hear most. The other one says, "You're right, as always."

Couldn't we all use an agreeable chap like this in our lives?

More about my crafty weekend later this week.


  1. This little box of Affirmations is
    Too cute. I love the pretty
    Paper on the outside. I am sure the luck person to receive it absolutely adores it!

  2. I love this! And the wonderful fellow even has options on the complimentary things he says about you!


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