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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cirque Theatre

Send in the clowns! This month at Alpha Stamps, it's all about the circus, one of my favorite themes. Here's a wild and wooly clown extravaganza, made using the same Small Paper Theatre box that I used to make "Animal Farm". There is so much aerial action going on in this Cirque Theater, that I turned the box for a vertical presentation, and mounted it on a Small Wooden Theatre Base.

All clowns, all the time. Plus a few stars.

I was working on this over the Fourth of July weekend, hence the Americana feel. Once the theater was built, I filled it jam-packed full with clowns. 

The clowns are stacked at various depths to give dimension.

A vintage cupcake pick and some metallic hands welcome one and all to the circus. If you'd like to see how the paper medallion was made, click here for the tutorial. For this project, I made a semi-circle instead of using a full medallion.

Fill your days with circus fun! Need supplies? Click here!

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  1. I really loved the color theme and what you've done with the clowns. Ive had this sheet for some time and have yet to use it and this has given me ideas, Beautiful piece thanks for sharing


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