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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bunny Boy

I was poking around on Etsy the yesterday and happened upon sweetbestiary, a shop with the cutest little paperclay figurines. I fell in love with the little figures with the animal suits on! There wasn't one with a bunny suit on (my favorite!), so I decided to give it a whirl and make one of my own. I ended up using Apoxie Sculpt for mine, but would probably opt for paperclay if I decided to do another.

Here's my bunny boy, in his little blue polka dot rabbit outfit. Once he was painted, I brushed a little ink on him to age him, and then covered him with some glaze to make him shiny. He fits right in the palm of my hand.

 His puffy blue tail. Obviously, sweetbestiary has me beat in sculpting technique, but I sort of like the wambliness here.
Now where does a little bunny boy like to live?


  1. he would like to my house!!!

  2. Oh, my. You know how I like me some rabbits. He's absolutely adorable.

  3. So this is too cute. Now i want to make one. I fear i may squeeze mine to pieces due to the cuteness. I like the way you painted him and i like the way the back turned out too!


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