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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ocean TV

What's on television tonight? Mermaids! I took this great metal tv frame from Alpha Stamps, and created a mermaid show. It includes everything a proper mermaid needs: friends, coral, pearls, sea glass, and some nice shell bikini tops. What fun they're having, playing in the waves.

I got the mermaid images from the Caribbean Blue Mermaids collage sheet. I used two of the images there to create this one full image. On the collage sheet, the girl on the left is actually from a separate image, so I cut her out and added her in. I also cut out a separate image of the girl in the foreground and adhered her on top of the corresponding image of her with foam glue dots to make her appear more dimensional.

When I got the tv, I thought the black "speaker box" was a little distracting, so I painted between the black lines with some turquoise paint, and then distressed it with ink. Here's a little picture of the speaker before. That big black square seemed just a bit too distracting to me. Painting it in helped it to fade more into the background. After all, tonight's show is all about the mermaids!
A little closer shot of those delightful frolicking sea nymphs:

Doesn't this make you long for the beach? Need supplies? Click here!


  1. Wonderful Kristin, I'd watch that TV show for sure! Thanks for sharing your great creation.

  2. I am an alpha stamps gal and love this frame! I have looked at some of your work, especially the circus stuff. I am in love with circus, apothecary, alice, vintage toys and the darker
    side of things. I just came across your blog yesterday by accident. I am so happy i did. I adore your creations! I would love to be able to buy all the items i really want from alpha stamps. I could get seveal of everything... but for now, i will keep looking theough your work. Thank you for sharing.


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