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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fruity Friends

More peg dolls! I was so inspired by all the tiny fruits they are carrying at Alpha Stamps now that I just had to make a few little fruity friends. Inspired by the color of the fruits, I painted four 1" pegs to match, and then sewed them little hats and capes.

Their hats and capes are removable, and sometimes, they get a kick out of switching things up.

As I was looking at all the fruit, I couldn't help but think of Carmen Miranda. With the help of a little Apoxie Sculpt and a glue gun, I layered lots of different fruits on her head. She loves this fruity hat!

Carmen and all her friends.

This little rabbit hopped on over, but he's not interested in the fruit. All he wants is carrots!

I can't get enough of those wooden peg dolls, or the adorable mini fruits and vegetables now available here at Alpha Stamps. 


  1. These are so adorable!!! Love your peg dolls :)

  2. Carmen and her minions are fab! I love the dang adorable!

  3. I used to sing along with the Chiquita Banana television ad when I was a toddler. Love your Carmen doll.


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