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Monday, January 25, 2016

Robert Burns Artist Trading Block

Robert Burns, the national poet of Scotland, was born January 25, 1759. Tonight is Burns Night, and people all over the world will celebrate his birthday with traditional Scottish fare. My next door neighbors invited us to share in their Burns Night feast tonight, and insisted that we bring nothing. We can't go over there empty handed, so since they are such Burns fans, I made them a little R. Burns birthday souvenir, using the best known portrait of Burns by Alexander Nasmyth. Added a little party hat and some fireworks, and there you have it.

The back, featuring a blessing he wrote.

Not sure what my friends will think of this little gift, so we're also bringing Champagne.


  1. Speaking as a person of Scottish descent, I love this!

  2. I think your gift is the bomb, something cleverly and beautifully handmade...what was their reaction?

    1. Thanks! They actually really liked it. The last time I was over at their house, it was displayed on their mantle. :D


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