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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Easter and Bunnies and Chicks, Oh My!

Spring is almost here, Easter is coming, and it's time for spring crafting! Alpha Stamps has some great new shadowboxes, and nothing says Easter like bunnies and chicks, so I made a shadowbox for each.

There were four sizes to choose from. I love the smallest box (2" by 3"), with the egg shaped opening, so I started with that. I lined the egg on the lid with teeny tiny flat backed pearls to invoke the feeling of a sugar egg.

Here's a detail. Hint: there is no way I could place these tiny stones without the help of a wax pencil. I use mine all the time to help place tiny stones or even tiny paper cutouts.

The larger bunny in the background is glued to the back of the box, while the smaller bunny is attached with foam glue dots to give some dimension. The "Bunnies" banner on top is also adhered with foam dots.

I love the tiny basket, but it was a bit too wide to tuck back into the corner of the box, so I took some heavy duty scissors and cut the back part out. It was also a little bit too tall, so I cut the bottom part off as well (after this photo was taken). Once the basket was cut to size, I glued it to the back and bottom of the box with some white glue. When it's filled with a little Easter grass and some eggs, you can't tell it's been cut.

Alpha Stamps just started carrying these mini pin stands that make it so easy to place things like the eggs and little yellow duck. Just a tiny dab of glue holds them on, and you can stick those items down into the Easter grass and have them stay put. Love these!

Once the box was assembled, I painted wooden feet to add to the bottom, and added bright plaid ribbon around the sides and a bow at the top. Yay, bunnies!

Now on to the chicks... 

There were so many adorable images of chicks on the collage sheets that I just had to fill this box with them. I put the smallest chicks in the back, and then started stacking larger and larger chicks up with foam glue dots. White dresden trim adds a lacy feel. I made a little banner out of pink cardstock to put in the left hand corner. A few pearled flowers, and done!

Happy Easter, happy spring! For a complete list of supplies, click here.

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  1. OMGosh I so want to make one now! I love the half basket with the chick and egg!! Such fun!
    Jackie ")


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