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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Halloween Row Houses

I know Halloween is quite a ways off, but it's one of my favorite themes to craft for, so when I got the current Alpha Stamps kit and it contained a row of funny little houses, I knew what had to be done.

The houses are quite small, and just so happen to fit in a 3" by 4" matchbox, which I also gave a Halloween look. I painted the outer sleeve black and added scrapbook paper and collage sheet images. The black border around the cat is printed on a clear sticker. I left the ends of the inner box plain, to resemble an actual matchbox.

Here are the tiny houses, all folded up and tucked inside.

Pull them out, and you've got your own tiny haunted neighborhood!

Want to see some closeups? Here's the front, when the houses are folded. You can see the moon rising up behind the roof.

 Houses one and two:

 Three and four: 

And five and six. I love the little black cat peering in the window on the left.

These houses were so fun to put together. I pulled out all my Halloween papers and collage sheets to find the perfect images. The best part is, these little spooky abodes are so small, I can take them anywhere!

Happy (way early) Halloween! Want a supply list? Well, you're in luck. Click here


  1. In my house, it is never too early for Halloween. I was thinking one day this week I needed to get started. Love this-would make such cute Halloween gifts for some of my friends.

  2. Kristin!! This is fabulous! and never too early for Halloween!!
    Can you tell me what sheet that Moon is on? I just love it!
    Jackie xo

  3. Love the vintage moon panel. The whole book is so cool!

  4. Kristin, how do I get to your supply list mentioned above for the Halloween Row houses and the matchbook cover. It takes me to the old site and only says to go to the new site and I can not find anything that you have done on the new site!

  5. Seriously beyond adorable! It’s never too early for Halloween! Thank you for indulging those of us who craft that theme all year long! You are very creative!

    1. You're right: it really is never too early. I've got another project to post this weekend. Thank you for your nice comment.


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