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Friday, November 23, 2018

A Matchless Christmas

What looks like it holds matches, but is even better? Christmas matchbook and matchboxes that contain art! I have definitely caught the Christmas crafting bug, and here are two fairly quick projects I just completed.

The first is a Peaked Roof Matchbox. This little house shape is so cute! I toyed with the idea of covering the outside with scrapbook paper, but the color of the cardboard was just the same shade as gingerbread, so I decided to make a gingerbread house using dimensional paint to mimic frosting, and some polymer clay canes that look like candy. I used the paint to hold the "candy" on, just as one would decorate with frosting.

Imagine how sweet this roof would be if this were a real gingerbread house!

Just for fun, there are a couple of gingerbread cookies on the back side.

When you slide out the matchbox drawer instead of matches, there's a little Christmas scene inside. I love that teeny vintage plastic Santa! The bottle brush tree is decorated with seed beads.
For a list of supplies to make the gingerbread matchbox, click here

The second project is a little matchbook.


Like the gingerbread matchbox, this matchbook does not contain matches. Instead, it houses a little folding book.

Wouldn't these be great stocking stuffers?
For a list of supplies to make the Santa matchbook, click here. For the gingerbread house, click here.


  1. Love all your ideas.Really like the little book.

  2. Really love your work. I esapecially like the little book.


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