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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Halloween Tunnel Book

It's never too early to craft for Halloween, and now that it's August, be prepared to see a lot more spooky stuff! When I saw this 6" x 6" tunnel book, I just knew it was time to bring out the scary. Enter if you dare...

When it's closed, you can see through all the layers to the back of the book. I added lots of fun Halloween things, from a jack o'lantern, an articulated skeleton, a curious rat, and a skull and crossbones. There's even a ferocious lion door knocker! Once I had it all assembled, it looked like it needed more color, so I added an orange bunting. It's so easy to make: just glue little triangles to a piece of thread, and hang.

Let's open it up! On page one, we visit the undertaker's, which features a couple of tombstones and what appears to be a forgotten casket. Someone tried to decorate a bit by putting out some jack o'lanterns. The iron door is actually sold as a window, but with the addition of the street number and the knocker, it makes quite a presentable door.

On this next page, a couple of skeletons frolic on Halloween night. When I covered the page on the right with scrapbook paper, I left the branches that ran across the opening of the window.

Here's the final page. The book kit comes with one last page with a smaller window, but I liked the the size of the second to the last window, which perfectly framed the image of that tortured soul, so my book stops here. The sign says, "At twelve o'clock on Halloween, many strange things can be seen." Looking at what lurks out of this poor guy's window, I think I'd agree.

He doesn't seem very happy, does he? Perhaps he's just resigned to his fate on this All Hallow's Eve.

I cut out tons of images from collage sheets, and spent quite a bit of time moving them all around until I was happy with each page. It was like working a great fun Halloween puzzle. I used my handy BindItAll to add the wire binding to this book. Are you in need of spooky supplies? Click here to find nearly everything I used for this project. And happy haunting!


  1. Love it! And I am sure my grandson will too!


    1. No collection; just random papers I already had. Sorry!


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