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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Halloween Produce Stand

Halloween is near, and it's my favorite time of the year! I made a little produce stand to celebrate. The vendor also seems to enjoy Halloween; he's selling more than just fresh produce! I used a 3" Tall Display Base and a Stairstep Tabletop Display from Alpha Stamps to build the perfect stand in which to sell his wares. It's fully stocked with fall goodies: everything from apples to pumpkins to Halloween decor. I'm sure his black cat is not for sale, but you never know!

I assembled the Base and covered it with scrapbook paper, then did the same with the Stairstep Display. They're both easy to put together with a little white glue. I ended up changing the top of the cabinet base later, as the pumpkin pattern was too busy once I started adding the merchandise.

Thin cardboard was used to make the sign for the stand. To keep it sturdy, I glued a couple of toothpicks to the back of the supporting posts. The stripey paper and the sign came from the Fall Market Signage and Labels collage sheet.


Lots of the goods for sale are just as they came: the skull, the jack-o-lantern, the black cat, and the pumpkins, for example, but some got a little extra treatment: I simply removed the corks from the clear bottles, but added labels to the green and the amber bottles. The clear bottles are filled with a Halloween Polymer Clay Mix. Looks like delicious Halloween candy!


The amber bottles are filled with seed beads.

I also added tiny labels to the crates. So cute!


The proprietor is offering you an apple (I hope it's not poison!) This skeleton comes with stiff arms and legs, but it's easy to cut them apart at the joints and, using hot glue, give him a different pose. I cut this guy's arms at the shoulders, elbows, and wrists, and then pieced him back together. Now he can lean on his stand in a jaunty manner.

This stand was so much fun to make and stock up with Halloween What will your stand sell? For a list of supplies I used, click here!


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