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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Attic Finds

I was rooting around in the attic with my younger daughter, and came upon a box I had been holding for my parents. It was lightweight and had no markings, so I had to look inside. What a discovery! The box was full of old baby toys. I used to play with these back in the 60's, and I'm betting some of them may have belonged to my parents as well. They are all made of rubber, and they all squeak loudly. Ouch, poor baby's ears! Anyway, I am so excited, and have added these into the decor of my craft room.
For scale, the dog with the ring around its neck is about 12" tall. My daughter claimed the cat and the hammer, which I generously gave her with threats if they're not well taken care of. 

When I was little, that dog was my favorite toy. Now that I've grown, it's this clown!
How awesome is he?!?

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