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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Castor": A Young Witch

 A good friend of mine sent me this old specimen box from a nature museum (it used to have a fish in it, but it does not stink!) I love it so much that I felt it needed a little witch inside of it. The writing on the back wall was originally on the outside of the box, but it looked so great that I had to invert the back and have it show. I also love that the box was originally hand made out of some other cardboard, so it has type showing on all the interior sides.

Basically, the box itself is so beautiful that I thought I'd keep it simple. I added a vintage image of a young witch from Alpha Stamps, a couple of little watch part bottles, filled with black and orange glitter, and a stack of tiny dice. I cut the word "witch" out of an old dictionary. See the type on the side of the box? Lovely.

The back is taped on with tissue tape. I love the way the tape looks, but it's not as sticky as I'd like, so the tape is actually glued on.

And here it is, ready to hang!
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