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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Sketchbook Project

Last year, I participated in the Sketchbook Project, sponsored by the Art House Co-op. I sent them an entry fee and they sent me a sketchbook to fill out and return. Each book had a theme; mine was "I'm a Scavenger". The book I sent back, along with thousands of others from all over the world, went on a nationwide tour. I was lucky enough to view the project with friends when it showed in Atlanta, and even though we had cursed our sketchbooks as the deadline approached, once we were there to see them in person, along with the books done by people we have come to know through, we decided to participate again this year. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my book, which I was not happy with at all (way too many pages were done hurriedly upon the approach of the deadline!), was not as bad as I remembered, and even had a few pages in it I could be proud of. If you're interested in seeing it, click here for a slideshow scan of all the pages. If you do care to flip through it, I'll bet you'll be able to pick out the pages where I was rushed for time. :D

My theme this year is "I Remember You". Here is my blank book, with a new deadline of January. I'm still trying to decide if I want to make the book a tribute to friends and family members, or if I want to alter vintage images and make up stories about them. Or, maybe, do a combination of both. Either way, I hope I don't procrastinate too much on this one.
 I'll keep you posted.


  1. I very briefly thought of joining last year, but I'd found out about it very late and knew I wouldn't ever get to see the books anyway. But now that I see they're coming to Toronto this year, I'm even more tempted. Seeing your great collage sketchbook (and no, I couldn't pick out the last-minute pages) is just another hand pushing at my back.

  2. Wulf, you definitely need to join this year!

  3. Wulf, you have to join! Like Racky said, we were all cursing it by the deadline and yet a bunch of us signed up again so it must have something going for it.


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