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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Table Progress

Here's some in progress shots of the top we're constructing for the table I first wrote about here. Kurt was able to remove the large cabinet, and we were left with this. The cabinet was glued down, so as you can see, there was a little collateral damage that occurred during the prying off process.
He cut out the edge, and I did my best to match the paint and crackle finish, resulting in a fairly decent edge (don't forget I like the distress, so I don't want it looking new, which is definitely a bonus in this case!)
We cut down two of the cabinet doors and joined them. They will be the inset of the table top. I had to do a little cosmetic work on the seam, but now it's fairly difficult to tell it's two pieces from a distance. Here's a little preview; the top is not set in to the edge yet. Once we set that in, he's going to route a 1/8th to 1/4th inch groove around the edge of the top, and we'll set in a band of a completely different color. I pick green, to match the legs!
I toyed with the idea of trying to repair the color on the middle part of the edge where it's very light, but I ended up deciding to just leave it be. It's such a large area that I think I'll do more harm than good there. Hopefully there will be more updates soon. Now that we've made such big progress, I'm eager to be finished.


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