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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tiny Circus Tin

I'm currently hosting a "Wicked Circus" tin swap on, and a friend of mine from the site and I decided to do a little private swap on the side and alter tiny tins from Seattle's Best Coffee. These little tins are about half the size of Altoids tins, so they were fun to work with. Here's what I sent her.
 And the inside, with bonus plastic circus animals.
I'm so excited about making circus tins that I started up a new one for me today. I hope I get a chance to finish it up. And I also hope my mailman brings me my tiny tin from amaryllisroze! I'll post it here when it arrives.


  1. I love it! Dang you for being so talented.

  2. Love this tin! I had a whole collection of those little plastic animals growing up. The local Sonic used to put them on the rim of their drink cups. :)

  3. I'm crossing my fingers that it shows up today.

  4. These Altoid Boxes are calling my name! You are so talented.....Thanks for sharing them! Now I'm off to make a box!



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