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Friday, April 29, 2011

Yes, more tins

I have it halfway in my mind that I'm going to have to open an etsy shop. I can't keep storing all these tins I keep making!

Anyway, here are two for today. A Steampunk-inspired tin of fun dancing men:
And a couple of girls sunning on the sparkly sands:
I really wish the photos showed the dimension in these more accurately. They look so much better in 3D. Anyway, happy Friday, happy weekend!


  1. A exceptionally beautiful and artistic artwork! Really terrific!

  2. Fabulous, both of them. Now that you've inspired me I suppose I'll have to go through my stash of tins and create something too (said in an Eeyore voice)

  3. Oh - I especially love the sunbathers - the sun is perfect!! :)

  4. Both of these are darling... but especially the bathing beauties! I can't eat those Altoids fast enough now- I want some empty tins!!!

  5. I think your tins are super. I sent your blog link to my BFF, and she was inspired to make 4 boxes. Though I don't think she used a tin. Anyhoo, I INTEND to make a tin, but I'm afraid! You are so meticulous...and these boxes are so small. But what I wanted to say is I know what you mean about making things and then wondering what to do with them. I give most everything away, so I usually only make something for a purpose. Occasionally I'll make a pretty just for me. So, I think you could definitely sell your tins.

  6. I love your steampunk dandies!

  7. You are very creative! Speechless! Beautiful work!


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